Katie Kotler

katie.kotler@gmail.com | www.katiekotler.com |

(416) 834-0235 b. Montreal, QC

Lives and works in Toronto


OCAD University, Master of Fine Arts, 2016.

Masters Thesis: “Art Movement: Light, Space and Time”.

“Art Movement” is the result of theoretical and studio-based research on the status of contemporary digital art and its relation to the older minimalist sculpture Light and Space Movement, an earlier period in minimalist sculpture.

Concordia University, Bachelor of Arts, 2008

Selected Exhibitions, Screenings & Residencies


Artist-in-Residence, Roundtable Residency, Toronto

Charlie film score, directed by Lesley Johnson, Toronto


Installation as a Subversive Art, Xpace Cultural Centre, Toronto

What is Left? What is Right? Screening, Forest City Gallery, London, Ontario

A/V Artist-in Residence, The Drake Hotel, Toronto

Sunnyside Up Youth Council Party, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto

Diamonds + Thunderbolts, Toronto Animation Image Society, Toronto


Escape to Camp CMYK, OCAD Student Gallery, Toronto

Digital Artist-in Residence, Studio Beat, Toronto/New York

Prescience, Luminato, Toronto

GradEx, OCAD, Toronto

Xpace Cultural Centre Fundraiser, Xpace Cultural Centre, Toronto

Digital Futures Graduation Show, OCAD, Toronto

New Toronto Works Tour, Big Mama’s Cinematheque, Philadelphia

Mono No Aware, Brooklyn

Balagan Films, Boston


Autumn Open Screening, Trinity Square Video, Toronto

Pleasure Dome’s New Toronto Works, Geary Lane, Toronto

Milky Way Launch Party & Zine, Milk Glass Gallery, Toronto

Despondence, Xpace Cultural Centre External Space, Toronto

Xpace Cultural Centre Fundraiser, Xpace Cultural Centre, Toronto

DPXA Year-End Screening of Animations, Handlebar, Toronto

Spatial Reasoning, OCAD Experimental Media Space, Toronto


Animation Tests: Experiments & Installation, OCAD Experimental Media

Space, Toronto

John Chervinsky and Ron Loranger Opening, Galerie Youn, Montreal

Toronto Digital Projects, Angell Gallery, Toronto

Augmented Cinema Film Festival, The Royal Cinema, Toronto


Meat Lovers, Arboretum Music Festival, Ottawa


The Graffiti Question Documentary, Artsync for Rogers,Toronto

Fashion Advertisement, Modasuite, Montreal


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